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Magellan Explorist XL™ FAQ: Undocumented service functions

Magellan Explorist XL™ has several hidden functions meant to aid their support and service groups.


These commands are not documented by Magellan for a reason - you can "break" your unit using them, requiring a service repair to recover. These repairs may not be covered by warranty, so proceed at your own risk.

If the unit is powered off, the following commands may be helpful:

  • IN + PWR - Full selftest of unit including screen test, keypad test, NMEA test.
  • OUT + PWR - Serial port test
  • ESC + PWR - Burn-in process
  • LIGHT + ENTER + PWR - Upload of new firmware
  • NAV + PWR - Service Function window
  • NAV + MENU + PWR - Force power off
  • GOTO + OUT + POWER - clear memory and set all settings as default.

While unit is powered off, press and hold the NAV key then press the PWR key. If the unit is already on, press MENU key then press right-left-right-left arrows. In the center of the screen, the service function window with text "00" will appear. Using the arrows, change "00" to the number of any service function listed below, then press ENTER.

Table 1. Undocumented service codes for Magellan Explorist XL

00100+Display firmware version and unique ID of unit
01100+Show statement of corellator channels
02100+Show memory dump and registers after unit's last failure
03100+Turn WAAS on or off
05100+Clear ephemerides
10100+Turn unit off
15100+Full selftest, like IN + PWR
16100+Serial port test, like OUT + PWR
17100+Burn in, like ESC + PWR
20100+Show calibration
22 300 600 Clear calibrations of electronic compass barometer and thermometer.
26100+Waiting for remote assistance
27100+Waiting for remote assistance
30100+Clear memory menu
31100+Clear XO parameters. May be usefull if unit can't find any satellites
32100+Clear all memory prompt
33200+Verify basemap
38100+Interface language select
40100+Set serial port baud rate
41100+NMEA settings
70100+Waiting for remote assistance
71100+Create some POIs for testing
72100+Display screen frame rate
75100+Simulator settings
78100+Service report
82100+Compensation offset settings.


DO NOT change if you dont know what compensation is
90100+XO and AD settings.


DO NOT change if you dont know what is XO and AD
92100+Waiting for remote assistance
93200+Rename of basemap
94200+Report serial flash memory usage
95200+Erase serial flash memory


After doing this, your basemap will be erased.
96200+Report about structure of serial flashmemory
97200+Clear secondary SMC basemap.
98100+Basemap upload mode
99100+Firmware upload mode like LIGHT + ENTER + PWR

This information compiled from the Meridian FAQ and Rhamphorinkx site.

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