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Magellan Explorist GC FAQ: Overview

The Magellan Explorist GC was introduced in April, 2010. It is a GPS that is specialized for geocaching and the firmware on the device is very much oriented to that. It supports "paperless caching" and has a compact representation of the geocache page in the device itself, eliminating the need to print cache pages or bring another device with that info.


The hardware features the SirfStar III receiver, a 2.2" color screen, and a claimed 18 hour battery live. It is rated IPX7 (immersible in water) and has a place to attach a lanyard.


The Explorist GC has a Worldwide Basemap. If you're accustomed to equating that term with "terrible map", it's a little different in this product. It actually has a rather detailed map with street-level detail for much of the world. The catch is that its neither searchable nor routable.

Explorist GCMuch of this FAQ is being initially written based on a hands-on study of the product before its release. We're thus speculating on what questions will be frequently asked based on experience with similar models.

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