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Magellan Explorist GC FAQ: Cabling

What is the USB cable used?

Explorist GC uses an industry-standard USB mini-B connector. It's the same connector used on many (pre-2009) Motorola cell phones as well as the Garmin USB models like Nuvi and 60CSx.

Can I power my Explorist GC from USB?

Yes, the device can be run without batteries, drawing power from that connector.

Can I recharge my batteries in the Explorist GC from USB?

No. You must remove rechargeable batters and charge them in a suitable charger.

What is the transfer speed of the USB commection?

It is a High Speed connection, providing a theoretic 480Mbits/second, though real-world transfer rates are lower than this.

Is a physical serial port available?

No. The device is USB-only.

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