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Magellan Explorist GC FAQ: General Usage

How do you make screen shots?

Tools->Screen Capture. Turn logging ON. Once you've done this, a press of the power button will capture the current screen. You will hear a short beep as it records. When you next attach it to computer, App/CapturedImages/ will contain sequentially number PNGs of your captures.

How can you personalize the boot screen of the Explorist GC?

You can do it via Tools->Settings, but you can do it more easily from a computer. Attach your GPS, then edit App/SystemSettings.ini. Find the lines for OwnerEmail, OwnerFullName, and OwnerPhone. Edit as needed. Remember to safely unmount your device. On the next boot, your customized display will be shown.

Editing ini files? Coolio! What else can I edit?

As it's not know how robust the device is in reading hand-edited files, it seems prudent to generally not get too creative editing them. While editing your friend's Explorist GC to swap the happy and frowny face icons might be a fun April Fool's prank, you can probably render the unit "broken" in ways that support won't be able to help you repair, so caution is in order.

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