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Magellan Explorist GC FAQ: Mapping


Are the maps routable?


How large is the POI database?

Common points of interest like hotels, restaraunts, and exit information is not available.

What is the coverage of the included map?

The claim is that it's a "worldwide basemap", but coverage surely varies from country to country.

Can the maps be upgraded?

Magellan has not yet announced any upgrade options or plans.

Can I load Topo or other after-market maps?

Magellan has not announced the availability of any such maps.


How detailed is the included map?

Surprisingly so. It can be a bit deceiving at a distant zoom level as the overview is so sparse, but as you zoom in, most city streets become visible. Here are two views of the same location.

How large are the maps?

Magellan doesn't actually say, but the largest file on the device is App/MapData/map.dat and it's about 1GB.


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